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Executive Planning Board Inquiries!

The Executive Planning Board for the Holiday Lights at the Lake (HLL) consists of a team of dedicated and skilled community members – just like you! This board works together to organize, fund, and execute the Holiday Lights at the Lake event. Their duties include brainstorming innovative displays, planning event activities, securing sponsorships, coordinating volunteers, raising awareness for the event's beneficiary, The Bird House Hospice Home of Johnson, spreading joy and unity in the community, and much more! If you're interested in joining this exciting opportunity, please reach out to us at Let's create magical moments together soon!

Please contact us at to express interest or to shoot us your questions!


We couldn't do it without you!

“Cold hands, warm hearts” is the Holiday Lights at the Lake mantra when it comes to volunteering for our nightly event. Hey, it’s winter in Iowa, and we know to expect there will be some weather. However, feedback from last year leads us to believe our volunteers tend to leave with all the warm fuzzies! We are so thankful for everyone who volunteered for our event in 2022 and are so excited to welcome new and old volunteers to our 2023 event.

Away in an Airstream- Holiday Lights at the Lake Volunteer Warming Station

Due to the nature of the event, volunteer shifts can not be split. We know, bummer! But, have no fear, Away in an Airstream donates the use of their beautiful Airstream (appropriately named Bambi), which serves as a place for our volunteers to warm up, have a cup of hot chocolate,

and a bit of a rest when needed.

Types of Volunteers Needed

Build Week Volunteer

Please help us build holiday magic for our community!

Twelve strong individuals are needed each day for the build week of the light display.  Lighting professionals will be on hand to lead the group.  Volunteers will assist the lighting professionals in putting up all displays, large and small.  No special skills are needed, but you must be able to lift heavy items.  Friday and Saturday will be the more serious lifting days.  We will work 8-5 daily with a one-hour lunch break.  Lunch will be provided.  Gloves for carrying items and a pair of wire cutters would be ideal if you have them.

Thank you!

Build Week 2023 Has Concluded

We had a FANTASTIC group of volunteers over the course of 5, cold and windy days! We couldn't build magic without all of you and find ourselves extremely thankful and blessed!

Nightly Event Volunteer

Please help us keep the magic going!

Nightly volunteer duties will include counting cars, helping with campground traffic, scanning tickets, handing out brochures and candy canes, monitoring the exit, and assisting with the flow of traffic outside the campground.  All shifts require standing outside in the cold, so please be sure to dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes or boots.  There can be cold and windy nights.  Reflective vests will be available for all volunteers, but if you have bright colors or reflective outerwear, it is suggested to bring them along.

Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older.  Exceptions can be granted for students with written recommendations sent to and permission from parents.  Exceptions can also be made if students come with an adult chaperone.  The student and adult chaperone would count as one.

Thank you!

Holiday Lights at the Lake 2023 Has Concluded

We couldn't complete our mission of producing a community event and fundraiser for The Bird House, Hospice Home of Johnson County with your help! Thank you for the countless hours spent with us. We appreciate all your time and talent!

Event Tear Down

Please help us pack away the magic for safe keeping until next year!

There are two phases of tear down this year-

1. January 2nd, 3rd and 13th will be removing guiding lights, signs, cords, and any other small tasks that can be completed before Winterland is on-site to help with the large displays. *This is no heavy lifting on these days.

2. January 14th, 15th, and 16th will be removing and storing the displays. Winterland and Holiday Lights at the Lake Committee Members will be on site to lead the group. Gloves for carrying items and a pair of wire cutters are ideal if you have them! 

Please review times and available sign-up slots here:

Thank you!

Holiday Lights at the Lake 2023 Has Concluded

We had amazing weather for our event but mother nature had other things in mind when it came to tear-down! Thank you to everyone who took time to crawl through the cold and snow to help us remove the 2023 displays- once again proving that we have THE BEST volunteers EVER!

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